Water, water everywhere, but we are still all dehydrated

Despite most of us living in environments with an abundant supply of water, we are still all chronically dehydrated.

Water is crucial for the human body to survive, let alone thrive. The human body needs water for basic cellular processes. If your working out, or live in a hot climate you likely need more water. The liver and kidneys use water to detoxify the body, and anyone who has seen the effects of impaired liver or kidney function, know how important the liver is.

Water is also vital if you want to look your best, as it helps to give you clearer skin, better hair and if you are eating the right amount of carbs, it can help fill your muscles out, making you look more muscular and toned. Optimal water intake has been shown to influence weight regulation, partially because people sometimes think they are hungry when really they are thirsty.

So how much water do you actually need.

A “rule of thumb” I have heard, and I think it was originally Lyle McDonald that I heard it from, was 5 clear urinations per day, with at least two of them after your workout.

I can’t really fault that.

But I like more concrete recommendations that can be changed based on real world results.

From all the studies I have seen, and the anecdotal experiences, I have found that 40mL per kilogram of bodyweight is the sweet spot. Now obviously some people will require less, while some will require more.

Some studies would suggest 1 mL per kcal, which would roughly fall inline with the above recommendation, unless you are in an extreme dieting phase or are metabolically broken.

But this is a good starting point, and can easily be integrated with Lyle’s method, as if you start getting 40mL per kg and you still don’t urinate clear, you likely need more water.

Despite what some people have said, all liquids including coffee will help with hydration, with the exception of alcohol.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty to get a drink, by that time you are already slightly dehydrated.

The easiest way I have found I can get my water intake up is with this bad boy.

So drink up, and get your daily water needs covered and if you need more help with your diet/lifestyle click here.